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Cherry Stone raised their heads in 96 under the name Kevlar HC. From KHC, a crew joining hardcore bands, writers, rappers, etc. for the time being, a new project comes into life, based on the new streams in the street world. The hip hop rhythmics and metrics merged with the new sound, the rap bases and samples are mingled with the hardcore attitude and character. What comes out of it is unprecedented. Strong in the two vocals able to range from rap to crossover with electronical inserts that make this brand new project completely unique. Their songs get their inspiration from the different reference styles, managing to please not only those who love such bands as Limpbizkit, Biohazard and Linkin Park but also who grew up listening to Cypress Hill and House Of Pain. In 99 Enduring Scar was released. The album left its mark right away, even in the USA, where the most important labels in the field took an interest in the peculiar musical mood of the band that was contacted by Etnies and Mecca, shoes and wear brand leaders in the skatebord and hip hop world. In 2000 the band was the first and unique Italian entity to be sponsorized by these two well-known USA brands. Very soon the Kevlar HC shows are countless. Lives are reviewed as a high concentration of rage and adrenalin, a concentration that never fails to involve the audience, body and soul. The band supports historical crews from Europe and from the United States, as Madball and makes its first appearance on Swiss and Spanish stages. In 2001, the release of the second album, Building new Pillars, produced by Rude Records, and soon afterwards of the first videoclip, Our Fire. The live shows go on. The band takes part in the big Etnies events, dedicated to street, skateboard and bmx. It is sent to Spain to participate to the Eastpak Festival 2002, where it is acknowledged as the Best sound of the fest, and to New York, on the occasion of the last Madball show before their dissolution, where good friends bind all the band members to many representatives of the underground scene most famous in the world. Since 2003 the band takes the name Cherry Stone and is getting ready to release its latest project, a concentration of metal and hip hop, of a quality that other products in this field can hardly match. The album, self titled, is promoted from Spin-go!, the best independent promotion agency in Italy, and Virus Concerti, maybe the only one liveshows agency from Italy able to make the band known even abroad, bands like Linea 77. The first videoclip, Clone (cd track number 4) is for the Italian TV. Its directed from Riccardo struchil, one of the best independent Italian directors. The video is so good that even the videoclip for the rest of the world, Insane in the Brain (the most popular Cypress Hill cover), is directed from Riccardo Struchil. Clone Videoclip, a live where the band plays into an hurricane of white, red and black colors has been on heavy rotation on MTV brand new Italy, All Music, Rock tv and all the Italian channels about music. The song its been even the number 3 into the Italian rock parade on Rock FM radio. Even the press worked hard on the Cherry Stone project. All the Italian papers about music had promo cd attouched, interwious, and photos. Most important the specials on Rolling Stone (written from the artistdirector of MTV Italy) and on Rock sound, the most important paper in Italy about rock, here the band present every moth with some new stuff. During the same months, even if the videoclip of the track Insane in the brain was not yet in TV rotation with the new videoclip, the truck of Insane in the brain was chosen to be the music of the USA Wrestling show on the Italian TV, the Smack Down Show. Now the video of the new single "Insane in the brain" is ready and the album is out also in Japan. The rest of the world is going to be added really soon…

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