• [Belgian Electronics]Featured Artist: Channel X

    28 Jan 2008, 18:29 by Doorchaser

    Channel X

    These songs remind me of the old Serious Beats cassete's I had in the days (I was one of the few who still didn't have a CD player) Anyway another product from the MNO school! Ready to Groove To Move?

    Bio from the Channel X page (Channel X - Praga Khan)

    What happens when five talented, good lookin' youngsters meet at the Boccaccio, a famous club in Belgium, and want to be noticed ? They simply pick up the phone, dial Jade 4U/Praga Khan/Oliver Adams and introduce themselves, knowing that if they could get an appointment, they would have a chance to see their favorite producers at work.

    The producers were interested from the first moment on. After 2 days of hard studio work "Rave the Rhythm" was ready. As soon as the test pressing was made, they went and tried it in different discotheques and indeed, the audience went wild. In 1991 "Rave the Rhythm" had forced its way into the European dance charts, Channel X was touring all over Europe and appeared several times on television.