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Chad Sugg is an american singer-songwriter from Murfreesboro, TN. Widely known for his main musical endeavor, Backseat Goodbye, he started a new side-project under his own name in order to release new music in a different light.

In a recent blog, Sugg posted said the following to better describe the project: "Many will ask, isn't this just the same as your other music project, Backseat Goodbye, since it's just you? The answer is, yes and no. Yes, this is just me, but it's a completely different musical project, aimed at a completely different musical genre. For now, this will be a passion project for songs that are very stripped down, with just my voice and an acoustic guitar for the most part (whereas, Backseat Goodbye, is still acoustic, but there's more of a full band tinge there with full backing instruments.)

Backseat Goodbye will still by far be my main focus. I just write a lot of songs, and I've wanted to release a low-key, acoustic album for a while now, but that's just not the direction Backseat Goodbye is headed… Hence my decision for doing this.

Also, I was going to wait a while to do this, but since there's nothing really holding me down right now (right now I've still got a good month or two still before I even head out to record the next BG album) I've decided on a whim to finish writing and recording these, what I call "slow pretty song, focused on lyrics and layed back guitar" songs, and release them.

So, feel free to add this page and keep up with it all here. I literally have nothing recorded for this other than demos right now, but I think I can finish writing all the pieces of songs I've had in mind for this, and get them recorded and ready for a full length album release within the next couple weeks. I'll try my best to have a song up for you to hear the direction I'll be taking this project within the next few days. Especially since there's about to be a winter storm here in Tennessee, and I won't have any want or need to go outside anyway… Why not just lock myself in a room and get some recording done?

I don't really know my full ambitions for this project yet, but it feels right even typing this to let it be known I've wanted to do something like this."

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