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There have been at least 9 artists named Cenotaph.

(1) A Brutal band from Ankara, Turkey formed in 1994. (Active)
(2) A band from Mexico (Mexico City) formed in 1988. (Split-up)
(3) formed in 1988. (changed name to Necrosphere)
(4) band from (Frankfurt am Main, Hesse) formed in 1988. (Split-up)
(5) from (Pößneck, Thuringia), formed in 1991. (Split-up)
(6) from , formed in 1993. (Split-up)
(7) A band from , formed in 1993. (Split-up)
(8) from (Sindelfingen, Baden-Württemberg), formed in 1993. (Split-up)
(9) A band from USA (Tulsa, Oklahoma)


(1) Cenotaph is a band that formed in 1994. Cenotaph was formed by vocalist Batu Cetin in the summer of 1994 with the aim of performing some piece of the most brutal and the sickest music that has ever been played in . After various changes in the band’s line up, they released their first demo “Life Immortal” in 1995. Back then the line up consisted of Batu (vocals), Coskun (guitar), Bülent (bass) and Bülent G. (drummer, ex-Suicide).

(2) Cenotaph was a band from , formed in 1988.


-(1988) Birth of the Damned Cross, Thrash/Death Metal band, founded by Oscar Clorio and Rogelio Burgos, releasing their demo single "excretion of infected corpses"
-(1989) A dark path begins and the name is changed to Cenotaph they release their first demo "Rise of Excruciation"
-(1990) The band releases their first 7 "EP “ Tenebrous Apparitions” under the Mexican label Distorted Harmony Records, this ep was re-released by Sade Records years later.
-(1991) Their second 7" EP "The Eternal Disgrace" is released by Baphomet Records
-(1992) The band releases the debut album "The Gloomy Reflections of our Hidden Sorrows", under the Mexican label Horus records, this record was characterized by a furious, fast & extreme Death Metal, also the lyric topics changed from gore to spiritual death and human decay. This album is re-released in 1998 and 2001 by Oz records. The same year the band was selected as part of a Death Metal compilation called PANTALGIA: An international Death Metal compilation, by the German label Mangled Beyond Recognition Records, which included bands like Disembowelment, God Macabre, Malediction, Rottrevore, Cadaver, Crematory(Swe), Pan.Thy.Monium, Hydr Hydr, and Therion. Cenotaph was also selected to participate in a new compilation called "Appointment with Fear" by Cyber Music label from Netherlands, featuring bands such as Traumatic, Supuration, Anguish, Grotesque, Shub-Niggurath, Macabre End, and others.
-(1993) Julio Viterbo from Shub-Niggurath joins the band as guitarist and Edgardo Gonzalez as a new frontman on vocals.
-(1994) Their second full-length album, "Ridding our Black Oceans" is released by Cyber Music. This album was re-edited by Oz Records in 1999, in a normal and a limited 2CD edition, the bonus CD included five live songs.
-(1995) The band toured Central and South America.
-(1996) their third full-length, "Epic Rites" is released by Mexican label Oz Records, a record full of hate and strenght, showing a band that is at its peak of maturity. During this year the band supports Slayer, Destruction, Entombed, Unleashed, Enslaved, Sadus, Sodom, Dark Angel, Sepultura, Obituary, Autopsy, Carcass etc.
-(1997) Cenotaph plays at the Milwaukee Death Metal Fest and appears at a pair of shows in Chicago, they disband two months later.
-(2002) The band works on their latest album "Saga Belica" they record it in Germany with producer Harris and release it under Oz records. This album is everything one might expect from Cenotaph: full of aggressiveness, taking elements of their last two albums, with strong influences from older bands like Slayer and Destruction. Finally, in September 2002, Oscar Clorio the last original member and founder of the band declared the end of Cenotaph. The rest of the members kept working on various projects such as The Chasm, Under Moonlight Sadness, Pulverized, Foeticide, Denial, among others…

(3) Cenotaph was an Italian death/thrash metal band, which later changed their name to Necrosphere.

(4) Cenotaph was a Thrash Metal band from Germany (Frankfurt am Main, Hesse) formed in 1988.

(5) Cenotaph was a Death/Black Metal from Germany (Pößneck, Thuringia), formed in 1991.

(6) Cenotaph was a Blackened Death Metal from Poland, which formed in Tczew, 1993. They released one album in 1995, entitled "Empire of Sin". Now split-up..

(7) Cenotaph was a Death Metal band from Estonia, formed in 1993.

(8) Cenotaph was a Death/Gothic Metal from Germany (Sindelfingen, Baden-Württemberg), formed in 1993.

(9) Cenotaph was a Death Metal band from USA, formed in 1987.

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