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  • Years Active

    1992 – present (25 years)

Cardiff based band formed in 1992, by Billy the only surviving member of Violent Storm, the rest of whom were killed in a car crash. The original line-up was Billy vocals, Miffy on guitar, Stinko on bass and Clarkey on drums. In late ’95, they recruited two new band members, Damon and Wol, both from Gloucestershire. Miffy was replaced by Brad in 1996. The autumn 1996 line-up was Billy vocals, Brad on guitar, Stinko on bass and Clarkey on drums.

In March 1996 the band went over to Holland to record their second CD. Aussie Nigel played lead guitar for the band. After the guitar and drums had been recorded the vocals were being recorded when the Dutchh police arrived and arrested everyone for "inciting racial hatred". After spending 3 days in prison, all the band got deported, including Nigel who got sent to Australia. The second CD did however get re-recorded as Let The Battle Begin a month later after the problems in Holland. Stigger played lead guitar for the band.

In 2004 Roly stepped in to replace Stinko. The current drummer is Freeman, Lyndon on lead guitar who was the drummer on the first CD, whilst Clarkey was in prison. The second CD ‘Let The Battle Begin’ has contributions from Stigger on lead guitar, and ‘Aussie Nigel’.

Project bands featuring members from Celtic Warrior include No Quarter, Savage, Retaliator, Broadsword, Stuka Attacke (with Sturmwehr), Dragon Lance (with Sturmwehr and Brutal Attack), The Order (with Razors Edge), No Justice (with Whitelaw), White Lightning (with Nigel from Fortress), and White Fist (with Konkwista 88.

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