• MaritiMix 2012

    22 Sep 2012, 21:59 by jurlacher


    I recently took a trip to the Maritimes, and this is a simultaneously abridged and expanded version the Maritime-themed mix that I made for the voyage eastward. I warn you, though, there's an awful lot of fiddle and old dudes singing a capella songs about the sea and stuff. It's balanced out with some accordion and bagpipes, not to mention some gratuitous synths. Yeah, Rich Aucoin and Radio Radio don't really count as traditional Maritime music, but I felt it would be good to include some more contemporary stuff and mix things up a little.

    Special mention goes to the Great Big Sea song - Maritime artists have produced a great many drinking songs through the ages, but I don't know of any others about tea. It's catchy as all get out, too. For those of you interested in history, the Winston Fitzgerald track was recorded in the early 1900s and is some of the first recorded music to come out of Maritime Canada. The more you know.
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