• Simple Album Review #1

    6 Nov 2005, 00:12 by bcdoull

    Well, Last week my top played atrist was the unstoppably 'mystic' Mr. Stephen Georgiou otherwise known as Cat Stevens, or Yusuf Islam these days I guess. (Do I score nerd points for knowing his real name?! LOOK AT MY MIGHTY E-PENIS!)
    So I thought I'd do a little review of an album, for three reasons:
    1. I have to go study for an exam I have tomorrow.
    2. Cat Stevens fundamentally changed the way I understood music
    3. I don't need no 3 bitch!

    Okay a brief anecdote: Imagine me, but 13 years old. It's christmas. I love Aqua and some song about penises called My Pony, although I didn't know it was about penises at the time. My mum comes in and hands me a present, she'd gotten one for me and all of my brothers. A walkman. This walkman was to become a near constant companion, but I would need a tape to listen to. I remembered a cool tape that my mum had bought when I was about 5 ('cos it had a cool cover) it was about cats or something. So I went looking in her tape collection. I was looking for Year Of The Cat but I didn't know that. …