• 50 Beautiful Songs

    28 Jun 2010, 19:36 by wangle-mcdangle

    Here are the tracks that made it to the top of my charts over the past 12 months. I didn't put in more than one track from any artist (Joanna Newsom and Beach House would have ruled the roost).

    I was surprised because there are some songs I thought I'd listened to more, but generally it's a good recap of songs I've enjoyed over the past year.

    I also thought it would be a good idea to put together a Spotify playlist for anyone who wants to explore them :) Here it is: http://open.spotify.com/user/wangle-mcdangle/playlist/3kp2B9byWbZj7zp7I9DCgn (I made it a collaborative playlist so you can your own songs if you want)

    1.Max RichterVladimir's Blues
    2.Beach HouseGila
    3.Joanna NewsomGood Intentions Paving Company
    4.The xxBasic Space
    5.Frédéric ChopinNocturne No.1 in B flat minor - Op.9 No.1
    6.Jussi BjörlingLa Bohème, Act One: O Soave Fanciulla, O Dolce Viso
    7.Museexogenesis symphony part 3
  • random music survey

    21 Sep 2007, 21:22 by sunkeneyedgirl

    put your mp3 on random and type the song that comes up. answer the q's.

    song 1::
    Tori Amos - Om La Boombleigh
    how did you discover this song?: I downloaded it from toriphoria.
    is this a good dancing song?: Probably not so much.
    have you seen this band live?: No, but I may have the chance come November!!!
    favorite line from the song: "I'm tasting the snow beneath my soul"

    song 2::
    Alanis Morissette - You Learn
    the hottest member of this band is...: Um, none? LOL, Alanis is pretty, but not into that.
    does this band have piano?: Maybe? I'm not sure.
    is this your favorite band?: No.
    favorite line from the song: "I recommend walking around naked in your living room, yeah"

    song 3::
    Sarah McLachlan - Mercy
    does anyone in this band have a beard?: Well, Sarah isn't a band or a man, so no. :p
    do you like this song?: Of course! It's Sarah!
    are there any girls in this band?: Duh.
    favorite line from the song: "And we took it believing it free"
  • Als een straatkat in het donkere eind van de steeg ... (2 mei 2007 - Cat Power & The…

    3 May 2007, 13:04 by brambilla77

    Er zijn goede argumenten voor en tegen om op een mooie lente-avond als deze naar het koninklijk circus af te zakken. De live-reputatie van Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) is alleszins niet van dien aard dat men zich met grote haast naar het dichtsbijzijnde ticketbureau moet reppen. Haar pracht-album "The Greatest", de bluesy begeleidingsband vol klasbakken die ze naar Les Nuits botanique 2007 meebrengt en de liefde voor haar ietwat hese rauwe stem zijn dat ontegensprekelijk wel. Benieuwd welke kant het vanavond uitgaat.

    Enter Dexter Romweber als opwarmer. De man oogt als een kruising tussen Elvis en Greg Dulli (anno 2007) en brengt samen met zijn zus Sarah op drum een bonte mix van blues, surf en rockabilly. Gevarieerd en een beetje zoals de soundtrack van Pulp Fiction eigenlijk. Niet onaardig maar niet waarvoor we gekomen waren.

    Wanneer Chan Marshall aan haar optreden begint loopt het in het begin allemaal wat mak. Zonde dat het duo The Greatest / Living Proof na de eerste nummers van de set nog een beetje mee wegzakt. …
  • Playlist Melosa

    11 Feb 2007, 03:44 by dorgivas

    Vou fazer algumas playlists com temas, tipo um mixtape, mas sem o tape do final.

    A primeira vai ser a playlist melosa:

    1.Lover's Spit
    O início, com uma melodia cheia de camadas, convida a gente pra sentar e chorar numa mesa de bar. Isso é que é romance.

    All these people drinking lover's spit
    Swallowing words while giving head
    They listen to teeth to learn how to quit
    Take some hands and get used to it...

    2. Where Is My Love
    Cadê o meu amor? O mocinho ou a mocinha da história vem e pergunta. A música cheia de altos e baixos melódicos no piano, linda, linda, na voz de Marshall.

    Where is my love?
    Where is my love?
    Horses galloping
    Bring him (ou, no caso, her) to me...

    3. I See You, You See Me
    Baladinha total, o mocinho encontra a moça com a qual ele nunca achou que poderia cair de amores.

    Its alright I never thought I'd fall in love again
    Its alright I look to you as my only friend
    Its alright I never thought that I could feel this something
    Rising, rising in my veins
  • Mixtape - Songs for the Painfully Alone Part 2

    15 Jun 2006, 11:11 by redrimbaud

    Here goes part 2 of my Songs for the Painfully alone mixtape.

    1.Hotel Chelsea Nights

    This is one of those Ryan Adams songs that I just love. Many would prefer that he goes on a more alt-country track. This on the other hand is like Hank Williams jamming with Prince in a truck-stop at 3am in the morning. Excellent with whisky and some solitude.

    2.Say Hello Wave Goodbye

    Marc Almond at his acerbic best. Another of those break-up songs for those moments in the aftermath of a messy farewell.

    3.Winning A Battle, Losing The War

    The frustration of losing someone. The hopelessness of not being able to hold that person again. Even if you still care, they don’t. Kings of Convenience draws all those moments in vividness.

    4.She Sleeps AroundHarvey Williams

    How much worse could it get? Well, Harvey sings of the most devastating of possibilities in a relationship. The fact that the person you love no longer just shares her bed with you.