14 Mar 2010, 16:13 by TRUANTSTRUANTS

    Well, it’s official. I no longer know how to write introductions. My mind is gone, probably lost on another planet somewhere. Fending off strange life forms trying to suck the brain juice out of it. I just don’t know what to do anymore Mr./Mrs. Reader. I’ve literally sat in front of my computer for about… 5 hours. Staring at a box that is supposed to have a bunch of words in it by now, but alas, it does not. I keep thinking “Hey! I should write about *blah blah blah*!”. But then begin to think how contrived it is and then I kick myself for ever thinking about writing something that stupid. DELETE! and wham, we’re back a Page 1. Actually there’s not even a Page 1, I guess I should have said I’m back at Blank Box. Not to mention the pressure I feel when I see my fellow writers laying down full-blown novel sized posts. But anyways, now you know why my writing is such shit as of late. So, don’t do drugs and stay in school. …