• Cash For Your Stories 7"

    3 Dec 2009, 12:04 by cfys

    Cash For Your Stories

    We're from Manchester and have released a 7" with Berlin-based DIY-label Andi's Friends Records a couple of weeks ago.

    This is a review from German fanzine Plastic Bomb:


    This is only the first release on Andi's Friends Records but it has what it takes. CFYS are from Manchester, and have only released a mini CD so far. They play extremely exciting and versatile political punk rock. I have the impression that the record collections of these guys are fairly substantial. Probably they include everything from NoMeansNo and Leatherface to Jawbreaker and Active Minds. They remind me of the releases on No Idea Records, which have become really great lately. However, they still do their own thing. The artwork of the 7" is well designed and the record comes with an inlay with all lyrics (which are well worth reading) and liner-notes. Great! Keep going! ATAKEKS


    Drop us a line if you want a copy (£4.50 incl. pp), or buy it from Slow Riot Records, TNS or All Ages Records. …