• Dallas Green with Casey Baker

    7 Jan 2007, 08:55 by marth99

    Wow just have to say this day went a good thing would happen then a bad thing would happen. For Example, My mom wanted to stop at the flee market and they got a place where you can get three cds for $20. so I was looking with no intention of buying any as I wanted money for merch. but I found Hopesfall cd in the bunch which I thought was cool. I was hoping my mom found some cds as then she would pay for them but I ended up finding another Hopesfalland A Static Lullaby. My mom was cool enough to get them but she wanted to raid my cd collection for pay back.

    Any way skip the first paragraph if you do not want to read that and only about the concert. Okay so if you are reading this and are from Edmonton and were at City and Colour can you share your pictures with me as I totally forgot my camera for this concert.

    Okay now to the concert. Casey Baker opened for Dallas Green. I have been listening to Casey's stuff since I knew he was coming to the City & Colour concert. I must say that new song was the bomb track as he put it. …