• Latin Billboard, 8 December 2007

    15 Dec 2007, 09:46 by latinonl

    He's still sticking to his number 1 position. For 11 weeks he has been there, and seems far from giving up, Juanesis still hanging on there with "me Enamora"!

    Same for the numbers two, in waiting position are Wisin & Yandel with "Sexy Movimiento".

    Juan Luis Guerra & 440 are opening the attack. Up from 8 to 3, the greatest gainers of the week, with "La Travesia".

    It means that Vicente Fernandez has to take a step back. From 3 down to 4 with Ëstos celos".

    Enrique Iglesias is holding on to his position at 5 with Älguien Soy Yo".

    Casa De Leones up one place this week again from 7 to 6, with "no Te Veo".

    Down 3 places, from 4 to 7, in their 43rd week now (almost a year!), are Aventura with their song "Mi Corazoncito".

    Grupo Montez de Durango went all the way from 14 to number 8 this week, with their hit "Lagrimas Del Corazon".

    In their fifth week, climbing from 17 to 9 in the top 10…
  • Latin Billboard, 1 december 2007

    8 Dec 2007, 11:17 by latinonl

    Not many changes in this weeks Hot Latin Songs.

    Two newcomers though.

    Juanes still on number one with Me Enamora. Ofcourse, not only in the USA, South America, but also Europe he is the number one, and he will stay there for a while I guess.

    Because of that Wisin & Yandel are in the traffic jam behind Juanes for another week at 2. With their hit Sexy Movimiento.

    They are joined by Vicente Fernandez who is still on number 3 with Estos Celos.

    Aventura The Boys go up two places from 6 to 4 with Mi Corazoncito.

    Also two places up, back I would say, is Enrique Iglesias with Alguien Soy Yo.

    Four places up for the song A Ti Si Puedo Decirte by El Chapo De Sinaloa. From 10 to 6!

    Down from 7 to 5, Casa De Leones with No Te Veo. They are already 27 wks on the charts.

    Juan Louis Guerra Y 440 up one place from 9 to 8 with La Travesia.
    And then we get 2 newcomers in the top 10.
    Out are Daddy Yankee and Intocable.

    New on 9, from the 14th place, El Potro De Sinaloa with Chuy Y Mauricio.

  • Latin Billboard 24 November 2007

    26 Nov 2007, 09:32 by latinonl

    Juanes is top. Number one in the Top Latin Albums, number one inthe Hot latin songs. his album only 3 weeks in the charts. it is obvious that he is the hottest latin artist of the moment.
    Me Enamora came in on number one and is already number one for 9 weeks, amazing!

    Wisin & Yandel have to accept therefore that they might never reach number one. They are on number two with Sexy Movimiento.

    Third in the Hot Latin Songs this week Vicente Fernandez with Estos Celos.

    On 4 we find a hot Shot debut. Vole Muy Alto by Los Huracanes Del Norte.

    5, up two places, isCasa De Leones with No Te Veo.

    6 is down this week from number 4. Aventura. But they are already 41 weeks in the charts with mi Corazoncito.

    Going down one place from 6 to 7, Enrique Iglesias not doing to well with Somebody's Me.

    Daddy Yankee going up one place from 9 to 8, with Ella me Levanto.

    Juan Luis Guerra y 440 with La Travesia down one place from 8 to 9, changing places with Daddy Yankee.