• A week in music

    15 Jun 2006, 10:30 by talkingmusic

    This week I had some problems with and also didn't see many tracks enter my list.... hope they still will enter later...
    Letto, Carola are still my top artists. Can't stop listening to their songs.
    Las Ketchup with Bloody Mary their Eurovision Entry for 2006 is a new entry. Nice song although not a topsong. Instead, Christine Guldbrandsen should have done better at Eurovision, I think Alvedansen is a great festival song.
    I love to listen to songs from the National Finals for Eurovision too. Laura Vlasblom with Gouden Bergen is one of my favorites. But I also regret it that Gina de Wit didn't make it to the number 1 spot in all these years. Both her Dutch and Fries entries are great songs and would have done well international.

    So, mainly a week with songs related to Eurovision and ISF.
  • Swedish music!

    12 Jun 2006, 22:32 by Janni1989

    Every time I discover a new artist from Sweden the music is just GREAT! ABBA were my first love but a little while ago I discovered Carola (well... I already knew her but only her most 'famous' songs like Främling and Fångad Av En Stormvind). She's absolutely amazing and I already have 8 of her cd's. Then because of the ESC pre-show with a nordic jury I became interested in Nanne Grönvall (she was one of the jury members). I've fallen in love with her music and her lyrics are brilliant and so funny.
    THEN I searched for Carola pics and news and find out that Lena Philipsson is pretty big in Sweden too. I had no idea that she participated in ESC in 2004 'cause I didn't see the show that year (I was on a trip to the Faroe Islands with my class) so I was surpised to know that she'd sung Det Gör Ont in ESC. I found lots of great songs by her too.
    Recently I've also listened to Linda Bengtzing and Sara Löfgren thanks to!
  • New countries in Eurovision

    8 Jun 2006, 08:39 by talkingmusic

    Well, honestly I just hope that Italy and Austria return, as well as Luxembourg. But if other members of the EBU ever will opt for taking part I hope it will be Indonesia.
    Titi DJwould definately have won if Indonesia would have taken part in 2002. And Lettowould havedone well in 2006. Anyway, Titi Dj won the ISF2002, and Letto is going to take part in 2006. Let's see who wins this year.

    Oh, and I finally heard the songs for 2006 (a bit late I know), my favorites: Carola should have won, Finland 0 points (but i am sooooo happy Finland has won!), Romania, Russia are also great, and WHy oh WHY did Norway hardly get any points? I LOVE the song so much!
  • Heaven and hell as GLENN announces a new song

    23 May 2006, 13:07 by Raoul22Duke

    One might consider it to be heavenly to see GLENN back in action and producing a new song, although it itself severely spiced with the flavours from hell. The Duke refrains from confirming the message with the song and therefore it stand up to the listener to decide whether it is a tribute to Finnish monster-rock or the birth of GLENN as yet another theatrical rock band.

    A Monster in my Closet

    Here I am, and he’s pounding away like a battery ram
    Small I am, and he grunts like the members from WHAM
    Darkness in the room, and he’s fighting for my ultimate doom
    To my defence I have a broom, but his axe in the darkness loom

    I await my sudden death
    I hear the monsters breath
    I predict how bloody my death will be
    When the monsters of Lordi confront me
    You know my dad’s gonna sue ya’
    Hard Rock Halleluja

    I remember the pretty things, as the monster expands his wings
    The angel of mercy for me sings, as I glance upon the monster kings
    The hourglass empties with sand; closer are the beasts from Finland
  • Check it out...

    22 May 2006, 14:35 by Skerit

    Well, has come and gone and, being the stuborn child I am, I did not watch it, out of pure Respect for OUR Kate Ryan... We do love her, my only fear now is that people will forget her. Most eurosong contestants (winners or losers) disapear in the void and it would be too big a shame for her to do thesame, Je t'Adore was something completely different then what we're used of her but that just shows us how talented she really is!

    The song should not disapear out of your playlists (or your hearts, mushy mushy).. And go buy the damn single! :)

    Having said that I do believe there were some good songs this year, I haven't really listened to them all yet but I will .. one day... maybe soon..
    I can already tell you know that Invincible
    is raging through my head (and sometimes I can't help but uttering the words "the loser has to fall")

    Our eurosong preselections had some very strong songs; you really should check them out (a few favourites: push it by roxanne, Watch Me Move by Katerine(yeah!!)…
  • Eurovision Song Contest Win to Finland - Lordi

    20 May 2006, 22:27 by Wespa

    Lordi made it.
    Great eurovision contest win and new eurovision pointrecord 292 points to Finland.

    1. Finland 292 points: Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
    2. Russia 248 points: Dima Bilan - Never let you go
    3. Bosnia and Herzegovina 229 points: Hari Mata Hari
    4. Romania 172 points: Mihai Traistariu
    5. Sweden 170 points: Carola

    I think that Lordi was the first heavy/hard-rock band in Eurovision ever.
    Great choice over those all pop-songs that sucked so much.
  • My Eurovision Song Contest Champs

    20 May 2006, 21:08 by Foxman

    I'm not willing to wait for the votes from all the countries. So here are my personal winners: :-)

    1.) Texas Lightning - No No Never (Germany)
    2.) Daz Sampson - Teenage Life (United Kingdom)
    3.) Sidsel Ben Semmane - Twist Of Love (Denmark)
    4.) LT United - We Are The Winners (Lithuania)
    5.) Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland)
    6.) Carola - Invincible (Sweden)

    ... and the losers are (in no specific order):

    Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko - Loca (Moldova)
    Cosmos - I Hear Your Heart (Latvia)
    Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary (Spain)
  • How can one possibly not looove a growling christian eurovisionstar???

    22 Apr 2006, 22:24 by superhelga

    I found my favorite musical performance performance by Sweden and Jesus little favorite Eurovision contestant, Carola.
    Theese tapes were released one month ago, from Carolas early days in scandinavian sect Livets Ord, speaking in tounges, growling and rejoising the lord. Pretty impressive. She should start a softcore easylistening deathmetal (A bit more wiskey and testesteron and she could go for the real thing) band for the sake of the lord. Or just start dubbing porn-movies.
  • Andreas "Glorious" Johnson came 3:d

    18 Mar 2006, 21:30 by pgiger

    The man with the best song all times, "Glorious", Andreas Johnson won the jury's voice in the Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sorry enough, he only came 3:d after the people woted. Though I adore Andreas Johnson's music, my favorite was a heavy metal song by the poodles - it went pretty well for them to. They came somwhere in the middle. The winner, Carola, is really a first class artist. I think she do pretty well in Athen...
  • My music history

    24 Jan 2006, 17:04 by fernbom

    I was born in 1973. My first memories of music is The Boppers which was played in kindergarten in 1979. Later I've also remembered hearing Popcorn in a cartoon the same year. In the very early 1980s I heard Swedish bands like Freestyle and Gyllene Tider, but it wasn't until 1983, when I was allowed to watch Melodifestivalen, where they decide the Swedish entry for Eurovision Song Contest, that I really became interested in music. I liked Carola! Everyone in did... That summer my aunt recorded Carola's first LP to a music cassette for me. She also recorded Magnus Uggla's latest album, which I also liked.

    In 1984 I watched Melodifestivalen again and Herreys won. They even won Eurovision Song Contest! Later that year I became more interested in pop music, bands like Alphaville and Men Without Hats, but I also liked Twisted Sister when they were played in the tv show Bagen. The end of 1984 was fantastic with hits like Forever Young, The Wild Boys, Sex Crime (1984), The Riddle, Kao Bang, Shout