26 Dec 2010, 17:40 by Addicted2Melody


    Here we are again. Another 12 months have well and truly disappeared, another 12 months spent soaking up the world of electronic music.

    On a personal level it’s been a much better year but, musically, a year where changing circumstance and focus have gradually altered by listening and scrobbling habits. That’s not to say that I’m listening to less music, just taking it in new ways. I’m listening to a lot more music on the move to and from work, so podcasts have become my main way of consuming new music. And with less time available for endlessly searching for new music, finding the best trance music for my DJing has taken priority over hunting for new albums from right across the electronic smorgasbord. In fact, my DJing has come on leaps and bounds this year, thanks in no small part to really making trance my main focus.

    So with changes in my listening habits come changes in my obligatory review of the year journal. …
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms / Interloper - visual interpretation, semi-review

    7 May 2010, 21:56 by coldphage

    As a form of a review, I thought I would post some thoughts I had while listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms's new release, Interloper.

    Interloper - introspective, good slow intro. Sets the mood for this release.
    Right where it ends - great beats, atmospheric. Great use of vocals.
    Central Plain - Ritual rhythmical textures, harking back to times of old....
    Supersede - muted ambient dance beat, building up to a rolling field of new sound.
    Init - extracting a true wealth of aural imagery from a seemingly innocent loop. Expert use of vocal samples and filtering bring this rediscovered soundscape to life. Feels similar to Gryning and Station Blue.
    Euphotic - calm interval. Excellent vocals; otherwise does not bring new concepts to light.
    Frog - eternal liquid twilight.
    M - this track is the call to arms. An internal militancy, the soundtrack for one's self.
    20 minutes - changing resolutions, slowly resolving mysteries. Curiosity and change syncing in and out of phase.
    Polyrytmi - making our slow and cautious way on The Path back from this strange and distant realm.