• The Love for Live Music

    17 Aug 2010, 22:44 by sirius_eclipse

    For me, there are very few things that can bring the level of thrill as seeing favorite bands singing live in front of me.

    It's an assault of all your senses, charged with expectation of what's going to happen: the sound through all you body, the light show, and all the people cheering with you is an insurmountable experience, and it's you in the middle of the crowd, singing with them, a drop in the ocean, taking part to all this experience. Sometimes you close your eyes, and it's all like a dream, but it's true :)

    That's why I enjoy being part of as many live events my time and finances permit. My first live metal concert seen was "Studio Rock Open Air", in 2003, when I was 16 years old, and I felt great. I thought there should be more bands to be seen live, but few renown bands came in Romania back then, so I kept clubbing in for local underground bands in Bucharest.

    A major change came in 2007, shortly after I got my first real job in IT…