• The List of Excellence

    30 Sep 2008, 21:34 by SirAlecHendrix

    Preamble : SiR HendRix Rating System

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    SiR HendRix Rating System employs a 50–100 point quality scale for individual musical tracks. the common 5-star rating points — [* to *****] — are not sufficient for rating the complexity of music and results in very subjective measures and inflated ratings. there is not so much 5-star [*****] music around as is rated in this world.

    this rating is very serious. it’s not about “best rock song ever. period” or “my personal top 10” or something similar.

    SiR HendRix takes a hard, very critical listen at tracks in order to underestimate and not overestimate the musical quality. if possible, in a peer group setting, i.e. comparing the track to be assessed with other representatives of the genre or style or with different covers resp. the original version.

    my own personal subjective 5-star rating goes into the whole rating with 10-20 percent only. …
  • Beautifully slow

    14 Dec 2005, 16:50 by donredman

    Have you listened to this version of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Cannonball Adderley? It is very slow and mellow. And strangeley enough makes it more powerful that the standard version.

    I just had to share this one.