• Two years and 50,000 tracks later...

    18 Apr 2007, 12:07 by TheMeandMe

    Two years and actually 51,550 tracks later...

    I felt like it was the right time to write my second Journal Entry. And again, it'll be a list:
    Top-Ten Artists and Top-Ten Tracks by different artists.


    1. House of Pain
    My Number one. And with only three LPs released, this really is my number one. Infact, I listen to their stuff so regularly, they totally fucked up my track top list, so I wrote down my Top-Ten Tracks by different artists... Otherwise it would have been my top-ten tracks by House of Pain. There is a certain something to their music that i really enjoy. I might add that i like alot of the Muggs produced Soul Assassins / Tommy Boy Records stuff.

    2. Cypress Hill
    Muggs Produced again... And I truly enjoy their music as well. Sort of stopped listening to em for a while because of their wealth of LPs to choose from which makes it a little hard to listen to something special.

    3. MF DOOM
    With no intended disrespect as i really enjoy his work, also on his huge list of side projects…