• Cado Belle (1976)

    17 Apr 2007, 05:09 by Progbear

    Cado Belle

    Cado Belle were a funk/soul/rock band from Scotland who recorded one album and one EP in the late 70’s before folding. Basically, imagine a slicker version of Average White Band with a sultry female vocalist, and you’re pretty close to Cado Belle’s sound.

    What surprised me most about this group was that their singer is Maggie Reilly. I’ll admit, her work with Mike Oldfield (e.g.: Moonlight Shadow) rather left me cold, which is why this album came as such a revelation. Maggie’s got soul! Whoever it was that compared this band with Rose Royce was pretty close to the mark—Maggie’s voice is quite similar in many respects to Rose Norwalt’s (think of songs like Wishing On a Star if you need an example of what she sounds like here).

    Alan Darby’s incendiary guitar solos push this quite far into the rock arena from time to time, while Colin Tully’s sax/flute work imparts a jazzy feel from time to time. The lyrics are inordinately quirky for this type of music…