• The Music Fascist

    19 Nov 2006, 13:09 by Mr_Fran

    "Whats happening to me? I'm well acquainted with the fine points / All that matters to me, is that I beat you in the long race..."

    'The Music Fascist' as I was christened by thegreenone. How apt. Every woman loves a fascist though, no? Outside it is not going to descend below 7 degrees today. And we are over half way through November. Whilst I am all for global warming and that; this is seriously fuckin up my plans for winter listening. It feels more like spring... hopefully December will come up with the goods. That said, it's gettin colder in my sparse, desolate room. The desk lamp will keep me warm I hope. I would like to show you a picture of my abode, but I haven't got a cunting clue how.

    Sorry it's been so long since I last called, but there have been goings on! We've been to Liverpool (great city), where we followed The KBC and The Sunshine Underground triumph without mercy (though the latter didn't play bastard Commercial Breakdown), followed by a late night cramming into Korova for CSS. …
  • Autumn Drew In And The Guestlist Kept Me Out Of The Cold

    23 Oct 2006, 12:33 by Mr_Fran

    Write ok. Lets get you another update. It's been a couple of weeks and there have been many, many gigs. There was one in an old brewery. It was banging. There was one bringing Barney Sumner to the grandeur Blackpool's ballroom. It was raucous. There was one in the dark basement depths of labyrinthine gay club. It was... very good actually. Needless to say, I'm pretty skint right now, and my rent is due. Mr Fran has been less than cautious with his spending - seeing The Rapture he effectively paid twice to get in after forgetting to get a pass out to the bar. Seeing Howling Bells he bought two sets of tickets, having forgotten about the first. In seeing New Order he paid 4.65 for fish and chips. Although they were quite nice, if a little slim on the portion size.

    Time for a week on a budget, but worry not, for there's a solution for all. Wednesday brings the mighty The Longcut to the dense air of Night & Day FOR FREE if you go to …
  • Put Your Hands Up For Manchester - I Love This City

    20 Sep 2006, 13:06 by Mr_Fran

    I am back! It has been a long few days without informative technological links friends, but now we're together once more, and even stronger dare I say. But what is this? I am not in my Stockport home study but am in fact overlooking Charles Street and the trainline between Picadilly\Oxford Rd. I am in the city. Day 6 of being a proper student and I'm fuckin loving it. Brilliant. Minimum work, maximum going out - freshers week is like an extended weekend that is set to be turned up all the way to 11. And the tunes? Well thus far, I'v been doing my usual electro\funky house vibes in da club, and I was gutted to find no Rave Society at the freshers fair (alternative rockers? fuck off, I've got a project for next year now). But as I'm five or ten minutes walk from all my fave gig haunts it doesn't need to be said that there's gonna be serious, serious gigaction.

    So we'll begin tomorrow night then? Manchester heads are gonna want to get down to the Roadhouse for another helping of Dead Disco
  • Pulling Shapes, Kids On Holiday and The Appreciation of Songwriters

    10 Jul 2006, 11:35 by Mr_Fran

    The World Cup has finished with a bitter taste, and has overall been quite a disappointing tournament save that Germany v Italy match which was pretty mint. So it looks like the lack of daily football is going to drive us into despair over the next erm, month and a half or so... so give us music!

    Just been chillin out after a day of fun in Liverpool, watchin New Order, but the time for rest is over. In a few hours, me, phil_t and watchthestars are goin to see Jim Noir do an acoustic instore-majig at Music Zone, Market St. for those interested (5pm) before we go on to the Late Rooms to boogie down to The Pipettes (great band, superb album out next week, most poptastic). Then on Wednesday we proceed to the Academy for a freakout of Animal Collective proportions. Apparently these guys cook up a mindblowing perfomance on stage so lets hope we make it brains-intact.

    This weekend in Manchester is the SWAP festival, which essentially is loooads of songwriters an stuff in different venues around town. …