• Master(s) of the universe ?

    3 Jul 2008, 19:45 by Skonrokk

    The upcoming Menn Ársins album (scheduled in August/September) is just about to be finished.

    We just go the mastered songs back from the mastering engineers last week and they sound great!

    Track list:
    Allt að gerast
    Augun Opnast
    Mary Kelly
    Running a Motorway
    12 Steps to the Liquor Store
    Love to Turn you on
    Þögnin heyrir allt
    Sjáumst fljótlega aftur
    Last Chance to say goodbye
    Þegar augu okkar mætast
    What Good is a Love Song

    The man we got for the job is Kevin Metcalfe @ We used their online service

    Here's a little bit about Kevin from their page:

    Kevin Metcalfe - Career History

    The Soundmasters
    1998 - present
    EMI Music (Formerly Virgin Records)
    Townhouse Studios
    1983 - 1998, Mastering Engineer
    Utopia Studios
    1979 - 1983,
    Delane Lea / CTS Studios
    1975 - 1979,
    RCA Records
    1973 - 1975,

    Bio :
    Kevin was born in Yorkshire and moved to London aged 20, armed with nothing but his record collection and a Mark II Ford Cortina. …

    29 May 2007, 00:02 by renardpowa

    Le reggae est apparu à la fin des années 1960. Il est fruit de nombreuses rencontres et de métissages : évolution du ska et du rocksteady, il trouve ses racines dans les musiques traditionnelles caribéennes comme le mento et le calypso, mais est aussi très influencé par le rythm&blues, le jazz et la soul music (la musique américaine est alors très en vogue en Jamaïque). À ces influences s'ajoute celle de musiques africaines et du mouvement rasta et des chants nyabinghi, qui utilisent les Burrus africains (tambours) apportés par les esclaves en Jamaïque. Ce métissage ne s'arrêtera pas là, aujourd'hui nombre de styles s'inspirent, intègrent ou reprennent le style reggae, de par le monde. Le reggae est aujourd'hui une musique universelle, comme le souhaitait celui qui fut son principal ambassadeur, Bob Marley.

    Si le terme apparaît dans les années 1973 dans la presse occidentale, son origine est obscure. Il pourrait venir du mot d'anglais jamaïcain, "streggae", qui désigne une personne mal ou trop peu habillée…
  • Bogus Albums and Lee "Scratch" Perry

    10 Dec 2006, 02:42 by velvetmorning

    "Lee Perry vs. I Roy at Sensimilla Showdown"

    I'm to understand that this is a "bogus" album. That much has become clear. I don't know all that much about Lee "Scratch" Perry, but what I do know is that I've always loved a track called "Hold of Death" (or is it "Hold on Death"? I've seen it released as both) and that it was attached to his name... and that album.

    Just who is responsible for the stuff on this bogus album? Is it King Tubby? I Roy? Bunny Lee? All of them? Or none!?

    On, it states that they "are all Tubby dubs of Bunny Lee productions, all given dubious new titles", but did Perry have anything to do with them? Is my fanaticism for this album unfounded?

    A girl needs to have her labels done correctly. Any help is welcome.
  • Tighten Up - The Story of Trojan Records

    25 Jun 2006, 09:55 by musiclikedirt

    Old Auntie Beeb are spoiling us with some quality music documentaries at the moment. On Radio 2 Don Letts presents the first of a two part series on Trojan Records, otherwise known as the Motown of Reggae.

    The series features music and interviews with a host of bona fide reggae legends including Ken Boothe, Bunny Lee, Derrick Harriot, Dandy Livingstone, John Holt, Ansel Collins, Derrick Morgan and my dad. OK so the last one may not actually be a “reggae legend”, but under the moniker of Patrick T.Rojan he ran and revived Trojan during the 80’s and has a few good stories to tell. Unfortunately the one about the stresses of trying to buy cod and chips with Lee “Scratch” Perry in a small Welsh chippie isn’t included. ;)

    Its available to listen to online - Tighten Up (The Story of Trojan Records)

    Also on a reggae tip, on 6music Mark Lamaar hosts an eight part “Beginners Guide To Reggae” again available online, and on 1xtra theres a look at 25 years of VP Records. …