• Insult each of your top 100 artists.

    22 Jan 2008, 16:40 by logbut

    Insult each of your top 50 artists. fuck it i'm doing 100. i have nothing to do today.

    1. Misfits
    Danzig is a midget. and way to many douchebags are walking around with devilocks because of them. There new stuff is a joke.

    2Anal Cunt
    All their songs sound the same. and there is to fucking many of them. and they are gay.

    3.GG Allin
    He had a really small dick.

    Every song sounds the same and there are to fucking many of them. the vocals on the older recordings suck.

    5.Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    There vocals suck for the most part. And their new shit is to long.

    There vocals sound like blowing bubbles into chocolate milk. and they have to many songs.

    7.Napalm Death
    I don't really like this band all that much. And the old stuff (1st 2 albums) that i like, sounds like crap.

    8.Today Is The Day
    Steve Austin needs to stop being so emo about everything. and they need to have a solid lineup for more than 2 fucking albums.

    9.Sunn O)))
  • 8 of 400: Devendra Banhart

    27 Oct 2005, 23:58 by FroDish

    Okay, I need to speed myself up with these, this was two tuesdays ago and I've been to a show since then.

    Saw Devendra Banhart and the Hairy Faries over at TLA. It was my first show there, and I hadn't even planned to attend.. just walked by and thought "Hey! I'll check and see if it's sold out." it wasn't, and I went.

    Bunny Brains alone were worth the price of admission, not that the rest wasn't good, it was EXCELLENT, Devendra puts on an amazing show and dances so cute and is so little. Really cool arrangements on the songs too. And I liked how much he interacts with the audience. Very good.

    Okay, Bunny Brains.. these guys are fucked up. The lead singer wears a pink dress and plays the guitar with a recorder. Like, he uses the recorder to play the guitar. The drummer wears and mask and jumps and hits drums placed all around the stage. The bassist wears a dog coustume and sings about animal S&M. Then there's this chick who started off playing a saw…