• My Music Collection [update September 15]

    10 Jul 2009, 00:45 by Asgrimm

    As the title says: this is my complete music collection, well, the part of it I physically own at least. I'm too lazy to start adding lots of stuff to rateyourmusic of discogs, as that would take ages with the amount of more or less obscure releases I own. Thus, I've decided to throw this list on last.fm. I'm doing this mainly for my own convenience, but feel free to comment anyway.

    - Formatting: artist - release - format & additional info.
    - Order: alphabetical, then chronological by artist.
    - Artists releasing music under their own name (for example Bob Dylan) have been arranged according to their last names.
    - Split releases have been listed once for each artist.
    - More info about anything metal enough to be included on metal-archives.com can be found here: click.
    - I think I still forgot stuff, but I'm too lazy right now to verify that, as it would be a rather time-consuming process.

    (V.E.G.A.) - Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram Tape
    3am - Ufo Blues Tapes LP