• Jamaica to London Repeat Return

    25 Jun 2007, 15:58 by IanAR

    Funny old world! More than usual, of late, I've been thinking of how, via. various marriages of dub-u-dub & mostly UK post-punk, reggae themes now form a crucial underpinning, for masses of contemporary music.

    Just now, I'd been listening to my i am a party girl here is my soundtrack tag, but buffering'd gone on so long, that fact the radio was on'd slipped my mind.

    Meantime, I was searching for images of Bruce Smith (drummer with The Pop Group, African Head Charge and many other worthies), for his profile and a group I've just made about him, when music started playing.

    I thought, variously: gosh that's nice, that sounds Pop Group and pesky auto-audio websites. Then I checked for the browser window I'd left open, which was inflicting this, lovely, Bruce Smith type music on me - none! I finally found my forgotten radio session'd overcome it's lengthy buffering hiatus and kicked in with Mad Professor & Lee Perry's Dub Connection ... Funny old world?