• some songs i've been notoriously listening to

    3 Jul 2007, 21:53 by zayonchek

    here are some random songs i've been listening to more often lately, kinda addicted to them actually ;-)

    Slečna Anna je za vodou - definitely the most addicted to this one lately---it gets to me for some reason, a very beautiful song.

    Vlak - very upbeat, love the melody and the whole atmosphere of the song, it's really very good! i totally recommend it.

    Na horách - also kinda fast and upbeat and a bit psychodelic, but i love it because it's like this theme song of mine for going to the mountains...don't ask, it's just connected with many good memories :))

    Dancefloor Anthem - discovered this song a couple of days ago, was downloading this album for a friend and happened to listen to this song and absolutely loved it :-)

    Láska moja - a very, very pretty slovak love song... moves me somehow lol... for real ;-) very romantic <3

    V princeznách - this song... i don't know, maybe some people might not find it as great as i do…