• The Ultimate List Series - Brutal Death Metal Edition 1.5

    29 Oct 2012, 13:26 by TheArtistBox

    Welcome to the list of brutal death metal bands. This will compile a comprehensive list of all brutal death metal bands that are tagged with such in my database. Thus, some maybe have noted beside them to move them to different journals in the near future as some are obviously confused. Later, artist profiles will be linked to the artist like my other journals within the series.

    History - Brutal Beginnings 1990-1993

    After the formation of death metal in 1984 the death metal scene took off with tremendous speed, thus why the timing and the 'first ever death release' can not really be mentioned without an argument or a debate about it.

    As Death Metal was taking over the Americas and then the world a band appeared on the scene creating a new wave of death metal. Often, now misunderstood as Modern Death Metal (which by the way isnt a genre , rather a wave), this up and coming garage band from New York was taking shape. …
  • Last fm Top Album Generator

    7 Nov 2011, 15:46 by ashitano_tamago

  • Burzum is plagiarriffic

    10 May 2010, 05:25 by NegruVoda

    Not just shitty, but unoriginal too!

    Logo font for Burzum/Belus = Brodequin logo font

    I knew that shit looked familiar the first time I saw it...
  • Top 200 Albums of The Decade

    20 Feb 2010, 07:32 by Khanatist

    ? ..
    What is THAT supposed to mean, again?

    Hear, hear. Not only did that Khanatist guy not even bother to come up with a proper Top 50 year list, as he traditionally used to all the years before - well, how could you, if all you scrobble in one goddamn year is the latest fail in the wobbling excuse for a genre called dubstep - he also missed the deadline for decade lists by WEEKS and now tries to hand one in later with the obviousness of an obvious troll! Hell, the 10's are almost over, I gotta be kidding, right?

    Okay, seriously.

    Really seriously.

    This wasn't easy for me. I've done this list thing before, more than once, and have my music sorted pretty well (pedantically, actually); no, I had to struggle with something else.
    It's just so deeply emotionally affecting.

    My active passion for music started in the year 2000, or at least my attempts to look beyond the things which get played on the radio and on TV. (There were milestones before; I could drop names such as Kate Bush
  • Milestone Journal - BEFORE RESET

    31 Jul 2009, 01:18 by TimeToAct

    My Own Milestones List1st track: (14 Jan 2009)
    Brodequin - Mazzatello1000th track: (25 Jan 2009)
    Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name2000th track: (03 Feb 2009)
    Pigsty - Bulls on Parade3000th track: (03 Mar 2009)
    Pearl Jam - Porch4000th track: (27 Mar 2009)
    The Mars Volta - Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)5000th track: (19 Apr 2009)
    Klimt 1918 - La tregua6000th track: (06 May 2009)
    Ultra vomit - Disgorging the prepuce7000th track: (18 May 2009)
    NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die8000th track: (02 Jun 2009)
    Prophilax - Scambio di consonante9000th track: (23 Jun 2009)
    Klimt 1918 - The Graduate10000th track: (15 Jul 2009)
    J-AX - Deca Dance11000th track: (05 Aug 2009)
    Foo Fighters - The Pretender12000th track: (25 Aug 2009)
    Jesto - Riot (Feat. Saga & Hyst)13000th track: (15 Sep 2009)
    Queens of the Stone Age - If OnlyGenerated on 05 Oct 2009
    Get yours here
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.4

    24 Jun 2009, 16:51 by HumanRejection


    The last in the series for series 1 of regarding more slam bands for your ears. A couple of artists here with newly released albums or news about new material are here in this journal. Very exciting scenes and different sort of sounds, especially pointing to the Japanese scene and Philippines scene. The next series will come after the list is published in the Slam Death Metal group.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1
    Volume 1.2
    Volume 1.3

    Volume 1.4

    1)Carnivore Diprosopus

    Hailing from the Columbian city of Bogotá, is a healthy slam death metal with grindcore influences. They have moments on their most recent “Madhouse's Macabre Acts” album which has atmosphere, tension and a lot of slams in between crunchy riffs, fast interludes and deep growls. The band also keeps you entertained by various samples of horror films and strange cut scenes aswell, this works well in between the carnage of slam being put onto the slab. …
  • Liturgy equals posers?

    8 Jun 2009, 16:07 by afz902k

    I sure think so.

    Disclaimer: this article is not about the musical qualities of Liturgy's last album. This is about the lyrics particularly. Now, on the musical side, the album is pretty good. Too bad the lyrics are what they are...

    Liturgy's lyrics are supposed to be anti-christian (according to MA), but I'm not completely convinced about this.

    If anything, the lyrics strike me (for the most part) as being pro-christian, but in a non-orthodox way: they deny the church but praise the "lost gospels" which are supposed to be the words of Christ anyway.

    Let's quote Shrine of Moria: A battle for scripture and faith ensues, these are the lost gospels buried again, these are the words of Christ. buried again, these are the lost gospels, the faiths we never knew Notice this is a verse on its own and is not taken "out of context".

    Now check the lyrics for Shrouded in Suffering, as you can probably see, the lyrics are exposing the alteration of christian gospels…
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.3

    30 May 2009, 17:00 by HumanRejection


    The next in the series are some very good artists that should all take your taste buds sky high! But first, I recommend all the readers here to read this and also visit this to find more external information on this genre.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1
    Volume 1.2

    Volume 1.3

    1)Atrocious Abnormality

    This piece of brutality coming from the mountains of North Carolina, America is a very straight forward / slam band you can get. This has all the favourite traits including brutal gutturals over the low produced down tuned extremely fast tight riffs and blasting drums. Also, swaying in some inward grooves and slams into their work to give that catchy feel to it. The vocals also offer diversity with high pitched screeches occasionally catchy your attention amongst the brutal tight tension between breakdowns and slams. The band is very much like their ex or current bands like Lust Decay and is related…
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.1

    7 Apr 2009, 14:31 by HumanRejection


    Another list of artists recommended from my group just have a search through these and pick up anything you fancy. It is self-explanatory really.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0

    Volume 1.1

    1)Amputated Repugnance – “Promo”
    2)Artery Eruption – “Reduced to a Limbless Sexslave”

    (Not to be confused with the Texas Brutal death metal band), this band hails from the plains of America, with their exciting generic but overwhelming piece of music. Their album “Desecrate the Vile” spits up influences such as Disgorge (US), Severed Savior and Inveracity. These guys surely know how to slam and they do it with brilliant, intensity, passion and tension.

    4)Corporectomy – “Within The Weak And The Wounded”

    The Manchester based UK domino form an unusual slamming brutal death metal. There are neither gore lyrics nor lyrics for that matter and the strange gurgling (with no effects apparently) with the pig squealing and usual guttural inhale output. …
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.0

    3 Apr 2009, 16:15 by HumanRejection


    This is another journal that will review all the most recommendable artists out there in the world today but this time on .

    So, what is slam death metal?... I hear you say. Often shortened to slam death, is a musical sub-genre of the genre of which came apparent by Internal Bleeding with their debut in 1995. However, it did start more or less the same time as brutal death metal did. Many of the early formed bands here actually took their influence off early Floridian death metal artists and thrash metal artists from the 1980’s. A lot using breakdowns and then ‘heavy’ intervals, which made the artistic formation of ‘slams’ a couple of years later. Slam death is often still not considered an ‘official’ genre by most elite members of the scene. This, however, I think is wrong to say that these listed artists have anything to do with original brutal death nor death metal. …