• 2011 Review

    28 Dec 2011, 13:12 by jamesdcody

    2011 was a tough year for me personally so havent had nearly enough time to listen to enough music to do a full list as I have in previous years but will do a mini list. Amongst my own problems I managed to break my ipod so that didnt help my cause either. To be honest, there was alot of music I anticipated to be good that just wasnt. eg, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds and Beady Eye (both formerly Oasis), Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys and even Laura Marling all were big let downs for me. Although they did contribute some great tracks, their albums just wernt up to it. So I have narrowed my list of albums down to five, and here they are:

    1) British Sea Power - Valhalla Dancehall

    By far and away the best album for me this year. British Sea Power just keep churning out great albums and for me this is no exception. The boys from Brighton have an uncanny knack of making great music which never gets near to the mainstream. …