28 Jan 2010, 00:19 by yxsarvik

    As I love doing these lists (like many people on Last.fm journals, it seems), here’s another one. One that required quite a decent amount of thought and research and reminiscing...

    An avid music listener can of course pull together a TOP 100 when it comes to favourite records of the decade; I had to leave a lot out as well and just make some difficult choices. But here they are finally – a shiny carpet of cover art that has been divided into four sections. The albums in each section come in no particular order...

    1 - 25


    I’m looking at this first batch and all I gather from it is that I have a fondness for dark androgynous frontmen with a cigarette, lol... and Nelly Furtado. Oh well... I could have replaced her with Lifehouse, no big difference in quality. There are a few things in here that surprise me (like Muse), but overall it’s a pretty fair picture of music that’s been the closest to my heart for the past 10 years