• Outside Lands 2009 - Saturday

    30 Aug 2009, 23:03 by Ozzloaf

    Sat 29 Aug – Outside Lands Festival

    I saw:

    Street Sweeper Social Club What is there to say? It's Tom Morrello and what they played sounded like everything else he's ever played... They were good though. Actually, this was my second time seeing them and they were much better this time.

    Portugal. The Man were fucking amazing live. I can't get over it... biggest surprise of the entire festival!

    Mastodon were great! Musically they were unbelievable but atmospherically they were weak. A lot of the crowd seemed to not really care about them... That didn't stop me and a few others from rocking the fuck out though hahaha. Also it was bright and sunny (a poor atmosphere for their dark psychedelic sound) and there were no visuals other than a backdrop.

    Also Brent Hinds just wandered off stage a few times. They were in the middle of a song and he just stopped playing, unplugged his guitar, went over to the guitar tech and got another. …