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As years gone by, the local metal scene has grown very well. Bands emerged through out this scene with alot of different genres. From, Stonner Rock, to Melodic Death Metal. Melodic Death Metal is the most common type of genre played here, used, and made famous by bands. Such as, Wasted Land, Immortal Pain. BREEZE OF THE DYING, is a band which started on the 26th of December in the year 2006, as a Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore influences band named FIRECELL. They wanted to create something new, a mixture between the European Metal and the American Metal. Things worked out great but, after hard days of practicing and creating music. BREEZE OF THE DYING decided to let go of this genre and try something more brutal more hardcore. Technical Death Metal was the genre that the band settled on. Bands such as; Veil Of Maya, Necrophagist, The Faceless are the main acts in influencing BREEZE OF THE DYING in taking such a huge step. They toke this genre in a whole new level of creativity. Where they merged the melodies of the European Melodic Death Metal with the American Black, Thrash, Death and Hardcore/Metalcore Metal. But mainly, BREEZE OF THE DYING goes under the Deathcore genre. Where they play brutal hardcore music and give the feeling of a powerful Metal storm. Songs such as "This City Burns, Something Heroic" shows the bands technique in having the ability of playing Melodic Death Metal with Death Metal riffs. And brutal songs such as "Enter Virus, One Reason To Kill, I Created A Monster" gives out the brutal breakdowns and crushing technical melodic leads. B.O.T.D members showed what it is like to give their best in music, personality, friendship, and live performances. Indeed, BREEZE OF THE DYING have delivered a new wave to the metal scene. And this truely shows the true meaning of "Dawning Of A New Era".

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