• Giddy Up Gangsta - Demo 2008 review

    17 Sep 2008, 12:17 by Generalplan-Ost
    Here we have Giddy Up Gangsta, a groundbreaking death metal band from Southern Illinois and their first and sole demo. Giddy Up Gangsta play a very amazing, brutal, technically proeficient form of death metal mixed with brutal hardcore, unforgiving tunes, which is very specific to the United States over the past 8-10 years. It would be unwiseto call it "metalcore" or "deathcore" when they are indeed death metal with a swedish touch, however they seem to have a touch of avant-gardeness by looking at their name, song titles and lyrics.
    The drumming is very technical, brutal, blastbeating; the riffs are groovy, swedish ones, the bass guitar is light as a coke light, while the vocals are brutal, shrieking grows or high pitched screams.
    I cannot continue the review without talking about the cover. Oh yes, the cover is worth the demo (which was given for free at their…