• Crappy Reviews II: Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

    25 Nov 2009, 01:43 by AJLovesAllie

    The highly anticipated followup to the debut album from Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk kick starts with the autotuned beginnings of Heart Heart Heartbreak. It's an upbeat intro, but one thing that distracts me is that the tune is so blatantly similar to Bon Jovi's It's My Life. The chorus, typical of punk/rock, is addictively catchy. Instruments wise, the drums is the best here, followed by the simple guitars, one of which most find familiar to Bon Jovi. The bridge finally adds a bit more originality, however it's not enough to erase the Bon Jovi similarities. The guitar solo is pretty awesome mind, as is the chorus that follows. A decent, but forgettable, opening to this album.

    The title track, Love Drunk, is one you may find familiar. Yet again catchy and upbeat, Love Drunk adds some memorable music to the album. Onje thing very distracting though is the tune in the chorus. Sing The Killers "Somebody Told Me" then "Love Drunk", and the similarities are obvious. …