• Bands That I Have Seen Live

    2 Nov 2006, 00:37 by geniass

    Powderfinger Awesome live! Really really talented.

    Grinspoon These guys are nuts! You ROCK my world.

    Blink 182 Not really the hugest fan of the music but they are quite good entertainers.

    Gyroscope Support for Blink. NUTS!

    Sparta Also support for Blink. Good stuff.

    Butterfly Effect Very high on my list of favourite bands. Great show live, so intense, so well performed.

    Repeat Offender A support act that I didn't actually what but I regret.

    Anti-Static Good new stuff guys.

    Breed 77 Brit support for Butterfly Effect first time I saw them. These guys were awesome. Please come back!!!!!!!!

    Placebo Quite possibly the earliest finishing show I have ever been to but it was simply fantastic. So god damn good!

    John Butler Trio - Several times, as both the main act and support. Awesome live, very talented group.

    Bomba Support act for JBT the first time I saw them. Really weird guys, very funky music.

    Fingerprint Resistant Really awesome support. Very talented.
  • World of reggae

    4 Sep 2006, 12:05 by stiab3

    Being Caribbean born and bred it means that I grew up listening to reggae. The reggae vibe is in my bloodstream and I love all kinds of reggae from roots-reggae to raga/dancehall and dub.
    Actually, if you want to bring an instant smile to my face, just fling down some ‘back-in-time’ or old school dancehall from the 80s to 90’s. It brings back wonderful memories.

    One thing that’s happened since I started using frequently is that I’m discovering more and more reggae from parts of the world I’d least expect it. Top quality reggae from places like Germany, France and Scandinavia, I’ve recently come across.

    Some of my recent discoveries are:

    German reggae. I like the versatility of this band. Conscious lyrics, but also some serious dancehall riddims are in their repertoire. I especially like the collaboration with Antony B, Waterpumpee.

    A sorta French acoustic reggae, Slightly reminiscent of Manu Chao. I don’t speak French but even I can get the message behind some of these lyrics. …