• Bokaj Retsiem

    19 Mar 2006, 07:28 by RocketShipX41

    Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground

    This is a real oddity, if you can believe what's been written about it. According to legend, it was recorded in Germany in 1968 by Reiner Degner and unknown others, released on an "exploitation" label with a fairly tacky cover, and promptly descended into obscurity. The music is pretty decent psychedelia of its time, with guitar and organ dominating. The singing isn't bad, though the lyrics are pretty much on the level of teenage "profound thoughts" with some silliness thrown in ("Just a little pill, and this one can kill"). Another strange thing about this album is the short interludes between the regular songs -- five brief interpretations of "Three Blind Mice" . Who knows what was going on when it was recorded... And then there are the cows. The album finishes off with a blues tune called "Drifting" with backing vocals supplied by some mooing cows. Curioser and curioser. …