• Kinay interviews Lil Scrappy

    22 Apr 2007, 18:18 by Kinay

    I had the chance to interview my man Lil Scrappy over the phone. Thanks to Kelly for make it happen! The interview was pressed up in german in the JUICE Mag in the april issue. For all my german people you can see/read the article here:

    Scrappy 1

    Scrappy 2

    And for all my peeps who don't speak german, here is the original version in english:

    Kinay: Where u at right now?

    Scrappy: I'm downtown in Atlanta about to scoop my momma up to go out to eat.

    Kinay: There was this stress beetween Buck and BMEs DJ Will. You reacted fast and re-released your first single "Money In The Bank" without young bucks verse to still get plays in the south. How is the situation now?

    Scrappy: The thing aint over, I think Wills station is the only one that don't play it. I mean, if you disrespect somebody in the wrong way he gon have to handle it. I asked some DJs "who gonna stand up for us when they try to ruin our career or stuff like that?" I mess with the DJs, but when a DJ disrespects me and I handle him myself…
  • Lil Scrappy, Born 2 Die Bred 2 Live ****

    17 Dec 2006, 20:53 by KE3
    G's Up/BME/Reprise Records
    PRODUCTION: Lil' Jon, Eminem, HCP, Shondrae, Jazze Pha, Jonathan ''J.R.'' Totem, Sha Money XL, OTHERS

    1. "I'm Back"
    Produced by Lil' Jon
    4/5--One of the most creative beats of the year, and Lil' Jon really came correct
    on the production, yet didn't saturate the album, but did 5 tracks. Scrappy is self
    hyping himself on this and 2nd verse is harder, very cool intro saying he is a G-Unit affiliate and even talks briefly on possibly suing police again, referring to an on-stage incident a couple years ago:
    ''..another police touch me and I'ma sue him again.''

    2. "Touching Everything" (featuring Yung Joc)
    Produced by Jazze Pha
    3.5/5--Nothing special here, light-hearted fun, song about living good life.
    Young Joc actually wasn't bad on this, both touching on their regular lives
    away from music.