• my musical heritage, pt. 1

    9 Nov 2006, 14:56 by cjoel

    I have recently re-discovered a few albums that my parents - or especially my mother - used to listen to and which still give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Nine Tonight and Slow Turning are two LPs that my Mom often used to crank up while vacuuming. We could always tell from a mile away when she had a cleaning day :)

    Love Over Gold is one of my Mom's favourites and because of that another record that always gives me a familiar, cozy feeling.

    Strangely enough, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son is also something that I tie very close memories of my family to. At the time of that album release my family was inbetween houses and we lived out of a trailer for half a year while travelling all over Switzerland and out to England where we stayed at the big Donington and Reading festivals and, among others, saw Iron Maiden live (that was the time when my 4-year old brother fell asleep on stage during their performance...)

    That's it for now. I'll make sure to continue this as a loose series to remind myself of my musical heritage.