• Interview - The Argus by Duncan Hall

    24 Jul 2010, 02:20 by jplaskett

    Already a household name in Canada, with a clutch of awards and six albums to his name, Joel Plaskett is coming to Brighton as part of an attempt to break the European market.

    Before playing a show in London he talks to Duncan Hall about coming to his father’s homeland, and turning his award-winning triple disc album Three into one CD for the UK market.

    DH: You’ve already scooped a Juno Award in your home country, and can fill clubs and theatres in North America - why turn your attention to Europe now?

    JP: I have always felt a connection with this part of the world. My father was from Dagenham, in Essex. He emigrated to Canada in the 1960s.
    The UK is very different from home, but it is a place that influences the world as far as music goes. For such a geographically small country it has a lot going for it. If you look at a history of pop, rock and folk music, so much of it is influenced by England.

    DH: How does it compare to playing in your hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia?