• I called in sick

    27 Nov 2006, 18:40 by katjaelina

    there is a swedish poet, Bob Hansson, who has written a few poems about calling to work and saying that 'I can't come to work today', 'why? are you sick?', 'oh no, but the sun is shining today', 'what the!? can you only come to work when it's raining?', 'actually no. I love the rain even more'. well, I don't know what that has to do with anything. I just like Bob alot, and I called in sick today. so, like, it made me think... well, whatever.

    it's fucking boring being ill. but I'm like the best at inventing useless things to do. for some reason I started to think of Maria Mena while walking around in the dark appartment in too big, tasteless clothes. two years ago I was really in to her You're the Only One and Just a Little Bit, but it never entered my mind that I could like other songs by her aswell. so I thought that I could check it out now, two years too late. and I got stuck. I don't know how many songs I've downloaded now. I've missed her kind of sweet . …
  • Summerplans? - Peace & Love?

    6 May 2006, 18:22 by EverDim

    Finally the winter is saying goodbye and summer is coming! I know we all been waiting.

    So, what plans do you have and what do you wish to happen this summer 2006 *curious*

    * I haven't got a job this summer, but I'm still looking and if I get one, I'll be working.

    * I also really want to travel somewhere with my boyfriend, just get away, him and me, all by ourselves and just be *love*

    * I'm planning on going on Peace and Love, a festival here in my town. This festival is one time every year in July, and are over the weekend.
    Loads of wonderful bands and artists are coming that I really want to see!

    Here is a list of artists that are comning this year:

    - Alf
    - Alice in Videoland
    - Astral Doors

    - Bob Hansson
    - Bodies Without Organs
    - Burst


    - Dag Vag
    - Dark Tranquillity
    - Deathstars
    - Dia Psalma

    - Ed Harcourt
    - Engel

    - Firefox AK


    - Hardcore Superstar
    - Hell On Wheels
    - Hello Saferide
    - Håkan Hellström