• 10 Great Bob Dylan rarities

    23 Jan 2009, 18:43 by Codyke

    Bob Dylan not only released some of the critically most acclaimed albums in the history of music. He left plenty of great songs of those albums as well! The 8 volumes of his Bootleg Series are the perfect example of the great songs he had hidden in his vaults for a long time. But there are more tracks, which weren't released on an album or as a single. Think of the Genuine Basement Tapes. The 10 next songs are 10 other great rarities which hopefully will see an official release in the future. There was only one criteria I used for selecting the songs: the recordings should be in high quality.

    1) The Death of Emmett Till(The Freewheelin’ Outtakes, 1962)

    This great protest song was originally recorded during the The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan sessions in 1962. The topic of this song shows a lot of similarities to The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll. A black boy gets killed by two racist brothers ‘’ just for the fun of killin' him and to watch him slowly die’’. …
  • It's About You?!

    26 Apr 2006, 22:54 by Carali