• One Song. Each day. Every day. (2011)

    2 Jan 2011, 06:59 by lassaucepan

    The title says it. Every day i'm going to pick a song I think represents that day the best and I'll even give a little explanation why.

    Reasons I may pick a song:

    I listened to it a lot.
    I had it in my head.
    I was blown away by it.
    I discovered it.
    I rediscovered it.
    I heard it somewhere special.
    I listened to the lyrics in a new way.
    I learned something about it.
    I cried to it.
    I saw it performed.
    It's a really fucking good song.

    Saturday, Jan. 1: Animal Collective - Bluish - Packing all my stuff to leave the place where everyone I love is and used to be, and listening to this song as I do so.

    Sunday, Jan. 2: Hockey - Song Away - How ironic would it be if you played this song at 11:59 p.m.? Oh wait...

    Monday, Jan. 3: Athlete - Superhuman Touch - Smooth indie rock, put me to sleep while I try to block out all this incessant noise.

    Tuesday, Jan. 4: Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome - I'm going to have to agree with those who say song titles don't matter. …
  • Songs that Make Me Hard

    24 Sep 2010, 22:09 by suBliminalien

  • 5,000

    6 Dec 2008, 00:41 by turn_forever

    Considering the infrequency with which I use this, and the bizarre cross-section of my music collection that exists in mp3 format, the 5,000 list seems oddly representative.

    Anyway, make sure you're sat comfortably. This might take a while.

    1 Elliott Smith 195 plays
    First song heard
    Let's Get Lost. It was when From a Basement on the Hill was coming out and I think it was on something free. Hilariously, I don't remember thinking very much of it, probably because the only thing I was listening to was Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes, and more Bright Eyes at this point.
    Favourite song
    I Didn't Understand is the most consistent answer to this, because I'm a sentimental old fool.
    Favourite album
    XO. Regardless of whatever Dreamworks were doing to induce such intense paranoia, Elliott was still writing the best material of his life. Which is the horrible irony in the fact that, based on the hallucinations he was having, Dreamworks' business practices almost certainly contributed to his declining health. …
  • Playlist for eating ice cream in front of a computer screen half past three in the…

    28 May 2008, 01:28 by Possdigits

    More Than This
    Nobody Home
    Comfortably Numb

    It's really good, you should try it.
  • Top Ten Tracks by My Top Ten Bands

    23 Feb 2008, 16:56 by BlackSabbath86

  • boards of canada

    4 Jan 2008, 21:31 by opalen

    Boards of Canada

    Nigdy nie podchodziłem do tego zespołu poważnie.. nigdy nie szalałem za żadnych ich kawałkiem, no... 1969 ten zawsze mi sie podobał ..ale głownie ze względu na efekty akustyczne.

    a jednak słuchanie ich sprawia mi duża frajdę.. to idealna muzyka jeśli chcemy żeby coś sobie brzdękało w tle.

    Nie słucham ich nigdy specjalnie ..a jednak maja zadziwiająco ( dla mnie) wysoka pozycje na mojej liście.
  • The 15/3 List

    15 Oct 2007, 20:00 by OrdoAbChao

  • in honor of my 10,000th track i'll do one of these

    11 Sep 2007, 03:36 by RetroPorn

    01. How did you get into #31?
    I went to Summerfest in Wisconsin and on the Summerfest site they had songs from featured bands. One such song was The Widowmaker

    02. What was the first song you ever heard by #22?
    Apparently I don't have a 22, but two 21's. So I'll go with Me'Shell NdegeOcello. And I don't know which was first since my parents listened to her when I was super young. Anything from Plantation Lullabies.

    03. What's your favorite lyric by #41 ?
    "Ive looked at life from both sides now
    From win and lose and still somehow
    It's life's illusions I recall
    I really dont know life at all" - Both Sides Now

    04. What is your favorite album by #49 ?
    Come On Die Young

    05. How many albums by #13 do you own?
    Five. HORSE the band

    06. What is your favorite song by #50 ?
    Inside and Out

    07. Is there a song by #4 that makes you sad?
    The Godfather Part Two oh! and Phoenix Song

    08. What is your least favorite song by #15 ?
    Mirror-Blue Night

    09. What is your favorite song by #5
  • Song of the day

    23 May 2007, 08:20 by Didohotep

    It's something like a diary of which song you have listened to or liked every single day. A song may be your favourite one for a whole week, or for just a day, corresponding to how you feel or similar. It is also possible that you haven't listened to it on your PC, but had it all day on your mind, having heard it just once (in the morning, for instance) and it stuck in your mind!

    My song for the 18th September is :


    My song for the 19th September is :


    My song for the 20th September :

    Stake Of My Soul

    My song for the 21st September :

    Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit

    My song for the 22nd September :

    No More Drama

    My song for the 23rd September :

    Where Is the Line

    My song for the 24th September :

    Rocket in the Sky

    My song for the 25th September :

    Goodbye Milky Way

    My song for the 26th September :


    My song for the 27th September :

    Let It Will Be

    My song for the 28th September :


  • The Late 20th Century Project (Complete)

    8 Apr 2007, 19:58 by Semutahed

    Reprinted from another of my sites, and edited.

    In the spring of 2004, i stumbled onto an idea i think was one of my greatest ideas for a musical mix. It was built on an idea, as most grand ideas are, from something that had been building in my head for some time. I am fairly certain that it revolves around the song by Boards of Canada: 1969. I started thinking about songs named after years. I wondered if there was a song named for every year. It seemed far-fetched when i started. There are a multitude of songs out there granted, but were there enough artists out there impressed with one or any given number of random years to have named their song after it?
    Some seemed obvious: 1999, 1984, 1969. But what about 1962 or 1987. What could be so great about those years that a song is worthy of being named by it. So i started my search. I had stringent rules. Mainly, the song had to have the year in the title (though not necessarily, mentioned in the song, as mostly i am into songs without words anyway). …