• Hiero, Blue Scholars, et al in Concert at Cat's Cradle

    25 Jul 2008, 07:07 by TGKN

    Thu 24 Jul – Hieroglyphics, Blue Scholars, Prince Ali, Musab, Knowbody

    Hmm... My first concert ever. Went rather well. The breakdown:

    Opening DJ: good, but a waste; he was pretty much ignored by people just talking to each other.

    Tanya Morgan - Good performance. However, as would prove to be the case with almost all of the artists, the vocals were almost incomprehensible behind the heavy base. Since I wasn't already very familiar with their work this meant that I had some trouble following them. However, during the moments when there was a break in the background, their talent was indeed showcased. Excellent flow.

    JC/Jay-C/Jay C/? - Host/rapper. Was alright. Far from exceptional; had trouble engaging the crowd.

    Knowbody - Very good. Easily one of the more comprehensible sets, with lower base and thus the ability to not only hear the vocals, but also to hear the instrumental behind them. Recently signed to Hiero Imperium, he's someone I'll have to check out in the future.