• Finally Went To Skunk Hell

    25 Sep 2005, 10:33 by jmverville

    We were there only for a few hours because no one was sure what time we had to leave to get back to base, so we were there, rocking it out with the Koreans for a while. We moshed. I believe it annoyed the band 13 Steps but whatever, we were loud and boisterous and we had a good time. I am upset that I didn't get to stay long enough to see Suck Stuff. I was very happy to have met Jon, Jay, Paul, Laewal (!), and of course, Nevin.

    Nevin gave me a copy of his band Pulgasari, a tape that was a split withanother band; based off of the stuff I heard earlier it will be great but unfortunately I currently am so silly as to not have a tape player.

    Lately I have really been having my ear tickled by Blue Max and Kraftschlag, and of course, as always, Vanilla Muffins is way up there.

    I really enjoy just listening to music -- it is such a great pleasure that has never even diminished.

    Tonight and yesterday night I saw my girl, Lea, she is so much fun; It was great seeing her. …