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    Hey folks. You've arrived at a countdown of my fave releases in the neofolk, martial industrial, neoclassical, and dark ambient genres. It's impossible to hear everything, so if you have any thoughts, criticism, or most importantly - albums you'd like to share with me that aren't mentioned here, I implore you to leave a comment.

    Also, if you are interested in other genres of music aside from those covered in this journal, feel free to visit my other journal entries covering the best of Heavy Metal / Hard Rock and Indie / Electronic / Etc. in 2009.

    Enjoy. :-]

    + Neofolk / Neoclassical / Martial / Dark Ambient +

    1.)Rome - "Flowers From Exile"

    It is hard to believe that Rome was founded in Luxembourg just four short years ago in 2005. Since then, they have recorded and released some of the most critically acclaimed, innovative, and absolutely enduring succession of brilliant albums not only in the neofolk genre…
  • New Reviews & Interviews

    8 Jun 2007, 09:54 by qwallath

    New at

    Dear friends,

    We wish you all a merry summer to come! Here's an overview of all the additions
    from May and April:

    The Eclipse Review for May was Forseti's Erde, the second full-length so far by this extraordinary group. It's full of romantic and high-quality german neofolk, with guest appearances by people like B'eirth and Kim Larsen.
    This month's Eclipse is The Devil in the Grain by the English duo Twelve Thousand Days. It's a sadly unnoticed album that we'd like to give some more credit, because we
    consider it to be a classic of modern and dark folk.

    As was the custom these past few months, we've also presented two new interviews. Both with Finnish artists, the first was with Juha Kettunen, the man behind dark ambient project Somnivore who tells us about the inspirations for his music and the power of dreams.
    In May, we conducted a live interview with Mikko Pöyhönen of Tuhat kuolemaa sekunnissa, a band that plays earthy and straightforward folk. …