• Top Albums 2008

    17 Jan 2009, 14:44 by Bruno1898

    Parce que c'est la tradition !

    30. DeVotchKa - A Mad & Faithful Telling
    Parce que j'ai découvert le groupe par hasard sur la liste Last Fm de je-ne-sais-plus-qui et que j'ai accroché à un style musical qui n'est pas forcément le mien. J'aime bien les considérer comme si c'étaient des Arcade Fire des pays de l'Est..
    Ecoutez The Clockwise Witness

    29. Get Well Soon - Rest Now Weary Head, You Will Get Well Soon
    Parce que j'ai découvert l'album via cette reprise incroyable de Born Slippy mais que je me suis vite rendu compte que le groupe avait bien plus à offrir dans l'album. Les références sont évidentes, l'album est agréable à écouter.
    Ecoutez If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

    28. Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing
    Parce que la première écoute de l'album ne laisse pas indemne, pour son coté mur du son et torture des oreilles. Et puis parce qu'on y prend goût, malgré tout.
    Ecoutez Bright Tomorrow

    27. The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
  • Blood Red Shoes - Box of Secrets

    17 Jul 2008, 22:27 by therajman


    Let's face, compared to the turn of the millennium, it's an awful lot easier for indie bands to get record deals. Every month a new next best thing pops up from whatever garage they've been recording in and the music press, usually led by the trend-seeking missile that is the NME, declare their live acts are better than the second coming and their oh-so-hot debut will sell more all of James Blunt's and Coldplay's records put together. That is, of course, until the hype shifts to an act who are even even younger, even cooler and have even trendier haircuts.

    Blood Red Shoes would appear at first glance to fit nicely into this use-them-and-lose-them category. Based in Brighton, with over 300 live shows to their name before even releasing their debut album Box of Secrets, they haven't received as much press as some of their indie compadres, which is a real shame given that this is some of the most electrifyingly real music to be released in 2008.

  • Back & Scrobbling: Holy Fuck, Santogold, Blood Red Shoes, Ting Tings, We Are…

    29 Jun 2008, 19:53 by origamistar

    So, as my "recently listened" thingy and title of my post will inform you, I got my computer working again and thus am back scrobbling again.
    The result of this is there's been a gap in my listening habits. So, as I'm sure you're REAL interested, here's a couple of things:

    Last 3 Albums I Bought:
    1. LP - Holy Fuck
    Bought this on the strength of hearing Lovely Allen, which has quickly become one of my favourite songs. The rest of the album follows with similar captivating, experimental electronica. As well as "Lovely Allen", standouts for me are Safari and The Pulse. Worth every penny.
    2. Santogold - Santogold
    I have to be honest, I got peer-pressured into getting this one. I thought L.E.S Artistes was alright, and I liked Say Aha, but I probably wouldn't have bought the album if I hadn't been getting several people (plus NME, but since a magazine doesn't speak, I was alright there) going on about how great it was. …