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We keep driving nails into our own fucking coffin, one by one, with some stupid smile on our faces pretending we're doing it to conquer the world. What is a band anyway? The music is alive. It sure as hell has a pulse, and so it goes on ticking. What are we? Are we heroes? Are we making the world a better place when we provide people with the sounds pouring out of our hearts and minds?

Does anyone really remember what this whole thing is about? Angry faces, wide spread legs, attitude and larger-than-life egos, banging heads. It's still just music. It's what we live and breathe. It's what keep us alive. In the life of a band you get caught up in all this fucking crap where you feel some sort of need to do this, or to do that, or to be something else just so that someone will notice you in one way or another. Every fucking kid in the world wants to be a rock star.

We are Blackbush. We are regular god damn Joes with a passion for music. We're not the coolest dudes around. We don't wear make up. We don't bang our heads to look cool. What we do wear is our hearts on our sleeves every second we're alive. You like us or you don't. If you don't, chances are we don't like you either. Live with it. We're gonna raise our middle fingers in a big fucking salute to the world for the rest of our lives because it's who we are. We are the guys who bites the hand that feeds us. We might face the consequences of going hungry, so be it. Bring it on.

These new songs come straight out of our souls. We love them. If you love them too, it's great. If you hate them, well, that's just whoop-de-doo-dandy too. You are on our turf now. Please stay, enjoy it and behave, or get the fuck out.

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