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SWEDISH HARDCORE HORROR! with members also from Moderat Likvidation, Anti-Cimex, Perukers & Driller Killer.

Wisemark - vocals, bass.
Cliff - guitar, bass,drums.
Andy Spider Speed - guitar.
Lefty - bass (R.I.P).
John - drums.

Back in 1980, 4 guys started to play, highly influenced by bands such as Bad brains, Discharge and Dead kennedys. This line-up didnt last for long, they didnt do too much gigs either, just played for the fun of it. AND SO IT STILL IS!!! At this time there was a lot of bands commin up in Sweden in the HC vein such as Head Cleaners, Anti-Cimex etc. But as in most of bands the members were changed alot, also in this case, 2 members of B.U got kicked out and 2 members from RP SAVOI got in and the thing was going. B.U then did some gigs around Sweden before kickin out their lead vocalist. and with this new singer they recorded their 1st demo ever. A 6song demo with terrible sound, the demo didnt do well, and was never sold to anyone. They didnt play too much in their hometown either. I remember they did one show in Malm at this club called Fredman where every punkband could play at that time, anyway, the place was sold out and people were standing outside banging the front door trying to get in, at this time B.U had reached somekind of statues. When after a while 2 members got bored and they split up in early 1983. One of em moved away and became lead singer in another punk band called The Bristles, and Cliff became the bassplayer for Moderat Likvidation together with Fjalle (both later in B.U) with two other guys and started to record their first demo some months after rehearsing hard and came out with a 8-track demo in 1983 and did get their name around real quick. In 1984 they split up. Cliff and Fjalle didnt do much for 2 years, except playing in different bands till 1986 then they found out that they were living in the same house and floor with some doors between them and they talked about starting a new band again with Cliff on drums and Fjalle on bass and vocals. Between their doors there was another guy, Andy in this case, who played guitar. They rehearsed some months and jumped into the studio in November 1986 and recorded their 1st demo called "Back from the grave". This one sold a lot and was sent to several of radio-stations and magazines and did well. By that time Cliff didnt want to continue to play drums and Fjalle decided to leave the bass playing to concentrate on hes vocals. And so John went in on drums and they start to do gigs and lots of rehersals. In november 1987 they entered the studio again and recorded their "Horror holocaust" demo. This one got even more good reviews than the first one. Then 1988 turned on and Andy did hes last show in april in Helsingborg, a gig which went out in chaos, Uniforms did only 4-tracks that evening. Well Andy leaved and B.U had NO guitar player. They tried some guys but noone fitted so Cliff picks up the guitar and lefty (who had been sacked from hes old band) started handling the bass. And now things are going fast again, several of gigs around Sweden, and also opening for GBH in Copenhagen. And in the end of 1988 they recorded their first album in 2 days and mix it on the third, and it actually turn out to be a helluva killer! And soon enough Hardcore Horror Rec manage to lay hands on the recordings and so it is.

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