• Stupid Quiz

    26 Jan 2009, 21:39 by S-Kayos

    No skippin’ here folks. Any embarrassing songs here are too deep in my roots to delete, so deal with the garbage.

    Why are you taking a shuffle quiz?
    Song: Welcome to the South (Featuring Pimp C) - Chamillionaire
    Comment: Cuzz I’m a ‘millionaire Pimp welcoming you to the South!
    Link: Welcome To The South

    What's currently in your fridge?
    Song: You Don’t Know – Jay-Z
    Comment: Apparently I Don’t Know..
    Link: You Don't Know

    Your biggest nightmare?
    Song: Me Money (Feat Lil’ Flip) – Young Jeezy
    Comment: (Ugh) Just last week I had a horrible one about me money doing lil’ flips…?

    What place would you like to visit?
    Song: Fuck the World (Feat. Shock G & Humpty Hump) – 2Pac
    Comment: Fuck the world. I’m never leaving my room =D
    Link: Fuck the World

    A reason to commit suicide?
    Song: Roll Call (Feat. T.I.) – Juelz Santana
    Comment: Cuzz I’m out of rolls? I gotta call somebody and get some more..

    Why are we here?
    Song: The Breaks – Kurtis Blow
    Comment: For the breaks!!! (Just do it!)