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  1. Virginia Beach based band that sounds like Warzone up until their Open Your Eyes LP... With a voice like the late Raybeez, a sounds that can only…

  2. Fury of Five formed in 1994. Their early creative output limited to tracks on compilations, Fury of Five released two 7"s (Convicted and…

  3. Louisville, KY straight edge hardcore band formed in 2010.

  4. 1. Shipwreck is a Champaign, Illinois band signed to None Records, an offshoot of Polyvinyl Records.

    Shipwreck was also the original name of the…

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  6. Rattletooth is a hardcore band from Lexington, KY. Idealized in 2006 but not coming to light until early 2007. Rattletooth features ex-members…

  7. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  8. Innumerable Forms take on the ancient Death Metal stylings of bands like Incantation, Disgrace, Abhorrence, Convulse, Grave etc at their primitive…

  9. There are at least 2 groups under the name of "Fingers Crossed"

    1. Fingers Crossed is a punk quartet from Houston Texas, founded in 2008.…

  10. United Youth is an youth crew band from Kingston, Pennsylvania.

  11. 1) Hardcore Punk Band from Oxford Hills, Maine (USA)

    2) Female Industrial Rock Band.

    3) Former Post-Hardcore band from New Hampshire.

  12. 1. Boston straight edge hardcore featuring members of Righteous Jams, Cold World, Mental, and Mind Eraser.

    2. Step Forward was founded in 1989 in…

  13. Last Lights formed in Worcester, Massachusetts in the summer of 2007. Led by the late Dominic Mallary, the original lineup consisted of Jesse…

  14. Hardcore from Detroit, Michigan, USA

  15. Melodic hardcore band from Orlando FL.
    Good dudes, Good tunes, Good times, Good friends.

    Since Go Rydell formed back in 2008, we made a promise to…

  16. A hardcore band from Atlanta, Ga.

  17. 2005-2014

    The Mongoloids were a straight edge hardcore band from Edison, New Jersey.


    The Mongoloids / This Means Everything Split EP…

  18. Hardcore band from Boston, USA formerly known as Dumptruck.

  19. Meltdown could refer to one of several bands:
    1) Meltdown is a Hardcore/Thrash Metal band with members based in both Rhode Island and…

  20. There are two bands called Striking Distance.

    1) A rock n roll band from Sweden.

    2) Modern DC Hardcore band.


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