• Albums of 2011

    31 Jan 2012, 19:43 by Necroburunduk

    Arckanum- Helvitismyrkr
    Another new album from this pro-Chaos Sweden band, rather succesful now. Chaos didn't become much nearer, but was pleasant to listen.

    Bad To The Bonehead - We Have a Chance
    Long playing album of this Russian all-star old-school RAC-band, with rather catchy music, normal texts and nice booklet. Consists all previous internet-releases and many new songs. Good stuff for those, who become a part of Movement in 90's.

    Bisson and the Vikings - The Steelcapped Story
    Another completely old-school stuff from this Sweden activist of rightwing scene. Best his project for this year - split of ENHARJARNA was too simple, same about STEELCAPPED BALLADS. But this one is full of energy and drive (although front cover is stupid).

    Blackdeath - Jesus Wept (EP)
    Short, but full of usual for this cult Russian band grimness and evil release. Very good cover of BURZUM, some new elements, but still the old Spirit.

    Bloodshed - Wenn die Flüsse rot sich färben