• 14 wine songs for the 14th of February

    14 Feb 2011, 12:55 by Baligo

    14 Wine songs for the 14th Febuary

    Well on the notorious Valentine’s day we here celebrate (wo)men and wine… or just wine every now and then, so I started up early watching Blood into wine (the quite educational and very enjoyable Maynard James Keenan vineyard documentary) and continued with browsing wine songs. And now I got to the sharing part, where some precious ones stop whining about me not writing and we all start wining. Literally. Please?

    Note: the women-wine-whine-write-writhe-and-so-on lovely w-wordplay is the main reason I’m doing this in English.

    Now we get to the music part. It is widely known how inspiri(ti)ng wine can be and if searching last.fm for that keyword, you get 1131 (one thousand one hundred thirty one) pages of track results. With half of those being repeated tracks or by groups, named after the marvelous substance, we still have quite some material, but I’ll focus on: A) highlights or/and B)songs I actually like.

  • Best Of 2009.

    22 Dec 2009, 17:46 by Jack-Spicer

    Meine Top 2009 Künstler, Lieder, Alben.

    Tracks Scrobbled = 9,340
    63.1 Tracks Per Day
    441.8 Tracks Per Week
    1,893.2 Tracks Per Month

    Beste Künstler 1-10

    Platz 1: Billy Talent - 1,922 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 2: All Time Low - 950 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 3: Green Day - 727 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 4: Coldplay - 640 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 5: Rammstein - 601 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 6: Rise Against - 494 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 7:Boys Like Girls - 372 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 8 : The Offspring - 322 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 9: Fall Out Boy - 209 Tracks Scrobbled
    Platz 10:Foo Fighters - 204 Tracks Scrobbled

    Beste Songs 1-10

    Platz 1: Turn Your Back - 174x Scrobbled
    Platz 2: Rusted From the Rain - 163x Scrobbled
    Platz 3: Red Flag - 160x Scrobbled
    Platz 4: Viva la Vida - 157x Scrobbled
    Platz 5: The Ex - 153x Scrobbled
    Platz 6: Stella - 137x Scrobbled
    Platz 7: Devil in a Midnight Mass - 136x Scrobbled
    Platz 8: Murder City - 133x Scrobbled
    Platz 9:I Cant Decide - 128x Scrobbled