• For all it's worth - Part 1

    3 Oct 2005, 14:35 by Pirate45

    Re-recorded (cover) versions of songs hitting the Top-40 chart is nothing new. Since the inception of the Top-40, certain songs have been recorded every few years, usually in a new and more modern style, by a new (or even old) artist and often they chart again.

    But, you may not have known that there are many instances where the same song, recorded by different artists, has hit the chart in the same year. In fact, this has happened so many times that we are going to narrow our discussion to songs that have hit the chart in the same year (or within a short period of time) to instances where it has happened three times or more, lest this discussion would linger too long. As is, this will be a multi-part post.

    Most instances of this occurrence took place in the 1950's, but not all. Far too often, a song would be released, and many other artists would record it at once. Never mind waiting 10 years or so to try the song again. In many cases, these songs were on the charts at the same time!